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Bullet Nose Punches®
Machined from high-carbon tool steel our Bullet Nose punch has side-outlet exhaust and comes standard with a knurled base.

Rule Joiners®
Solid steel, one piece construction Rule Joiners® reduce time consuming hand work in mitering and fitting steel rule. The "V" notch design aligns and holds steel rule in place for precise cutting and improved durability.

Cross Punches®
Machined with high-carbon tool steel this design shares a similar concept with the Rule Joiners for a cleaner 4-point cross and 6 & 8-point star cuts. The purpose is to eliminate tedious rule joints and improve precision and longevity, reducing die making time and improving die cutting quality and durability.

X-Heavy Duty Punches®
Also machined with high-carbon tool steel this design minimizes the raised area around die cut holes, commonly referred to as "welting" resulting in a more uniform flat surface in the end product. The unique bevel profile improves cutting thick materials without sacrificing punch durability.

Custom Punches
We manufacture custom punches in nearly any size, configuration and shape. Call us with your ideas and requirements and we can assist you with custom made punches.