Welcome to Bernal Products, Inc. the premier manufacturer of innovative, high-quality die cutting punches.

Bernal Products, Inc. has been supplying the die cutting industry with high quality punches and rule joiners® since 1944. Our President, Ron Wellington, purchased Bernal in 2002 and brings 20 years experience as a die cutter. Ron has built steel rule dies himself and has plenty of experience with manufacturing, design, engineering and productivity. This unique knowledge base gives us an advantage in serving our customers with high-quality die cutting puches in American and International markets.

Bernal has without question been the leader in punch innovations over the years and we are continuing this effort today. In fact, we introduced the X-Heavy Duty® punch for superior longevity and reduced welting in cutting thicker materials.

Throughout our long history we have learned that customers expect more than high quality punches. They want the benefits that come from a real working relationship. We are strong in design, engineering and problem solving and would be happy to assist you any way we can. Whatever your special requirements, we can custom design just the right die component or alter an existing design to meet your needs.

Bernal excels at fulfilling special requests and rush orders and is committed to exceeding your expectations with unmatched quality, expedient delivery and exceptional customer service.

Bernal was founded in 1944 by Al Pfaff and partner, and was later taken over by his son Doug Pfaff, who worked for and Managed Bernal for 42 years. Doug was a very well respected business man who developed many punch and rule joiner® innovations. We wish him well in his retirement. Al and Doug ran Bernal with timeless principles - integrity, dependability and honesty. We are proud to continue to operate with these same principles today.

Thanks for visiting our website. Please let us know how we may better serve you.

Bernal Products, Inc.
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Romeo, MI 48065
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Phone: (586) 752-5420

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After years of experience Bernal is the only place we want to go for punches. Service and innovation are excellent and price is always competitive. We have found Bernal Products to be the best value in punches. –Mr. Rod VanErp, Valley Enterprises, Inc.

I can get what I want in a timely manner and good quality.–Mr. Jim Jamison, Jamison Steel Rule Dies, Inc.

Bernal is a very responsive punch supplier who has great turnaround on my orders.  The  Bernal team has an extensive knowledge base covering concept, punch design, application, die cutting and product improvement.  Bernal is my one stop punch supplier.–Greg Feltner,  Quality Converters, Inc.